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What’s New? Fuel For Fire

Filed Under: Exercise and Fitness,Supplements at 7:30 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak

Lucky Vitamin is happy to present a revolutionary brand of exercise and fitness supplements to our customers: Fuel For Fire.

Fuel For Fire is the latest hot-item for any athlete, weekend warrior or anyone with a busy schedule trying to get through the day. This simple fuel-pack product is created with just pureed fruit plus whey protein and nothing else. With nothing artificial and no mysterious ingredients, Fuel For Fire delivers 10 grams of protein and natural carbs from fruit, and are the perfect supplement for pre-workout energy or post-workout recovery.

These delicious and easy-to-use fuel packs offer you the nutrients and vitamins of real food, in the convenience of a pouch that you can take anywhere. Eating clean has never been easier. Available in four delicious flavors: triple berry, tropical, sweet potato apple, and banana cocoa.

Fuel for Fire creates products to enable humans to achieve their fitness and life goals. By nourishing their passions with all-natural fuel source, the company aims to help everyone from the Cross-Fitter looking to get your first muscle-up to a 10-year old hoping to score a first soccer goal. Perfect for yoga, hikers, bikers, and pretty much anyone exercising, whatever your passion is, Fuel For Fire wants to ensure that you are bringing your “A” game every time.

Shop Fuel for Fire supplements at and save even more. Just enter promo code DEC14NEW15 to save an additional 15% on all items of this new brand. Offer expires 12/31/14.

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