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What’s New? Wiley’s Finest

Filed Under: Health Aids,Supplements at 10:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Wileys FinestLucky Vitamin continues to introduce top quality products to our customers. Our latest addition is a premium brand of fish oil supplements: Wiley’s Finest.

Wiley’s Finest offers a world-class selection of Omega-3 fish oils products made from certified sustainable, concentrated Wild Alaskan fish oil. Each and every product carries the Wiley Family signature to ensure that it comes from a responsible, sustainable fish source and provides the effective nutrition that your body needs.

The majority of fish oil supplements sold in the U.S. are produced from Peruvian Anchovy Oil, caught in South America. The entire catch is ground up and rendered into oil and fishmeal, which is then fed to farmed salmon, and the oils are used for paints, lubricants, leather tanning, or dietary supplements. There are very few Omega-3 ingredient manufacturers located in the United States. Most “Made in USA” brands are only encapsulated into softgels and bottled in the U.S. but the purification and concentration is not done in American soil.

Wiley’s Finest fish oils are a 100% U.S. domestic supplied product caught by American fisherman in the wild waters of Alaska’s Bering Sea. The oil is then shipped to a family owned and operated NSF certified for dietary supplement FDA GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) manufacturing plant in Ohio where it is concentrated and purified into the finest high purity fish oil, encapsulated and bottled by trusted partners, and then delivered to you as the freshest, finest Omega-3 supplements.

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