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5 Reasons To Swap Coffee For Matcha Tea

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Matcha latte cup on white background from above. This latte is a delicious way to enjoy the energy boost & healthy benefits of matcha. Matcha is a powder of green tea leaves packed with antioxidants.

Staying active nowadays can take a lot out of you. Whether you are rushing off to work, hanging out with friends, or running to one obligation or another, you can bet there is always something out there trying to eat away at your time. To maintain your responsibilities, you need to have a boundless supply of energy. Since producing endless energy is impossible for human beings, most turn to caffeinated beverages like coffee for a bit of a boost.

While coffee might be a popular option when it comes to keeping people awake and alert, it also has a number of drawbacks. Those who drink too much coffee might find that they are dealing with health issues like persistent anxiety, nausea, and frustrating headaches. Instead of brewing a pot of this dark elixir each morning, you might want to take a look at alternative options. Matcha tea is fast becoming a popular replacement for coffee. Explore these benefits to see if making the switch is a good move for you.

1.) Lasting Energy

Tea has long been a popular alternative to coffee. Matcha has gained attention in recent years due to how much caffeine can be found within the brew. On average, a teaspoon of matcha tends to contain roughly 70 mg of caffeine. By comparison, a similarly sized spoonful of espresso contains only 60 mg of caffeine. Unlike coffee, which can make a person feel jittery from all the caffeine, matcha tea has other active ingredients that help to prevent one from becoming too wired.

One of the main components of matcha is l-theanine. This amino acid aids the body in producing a state of rest and relaxation. Several studies on matcha tea point to this chemical compound being responsible for keeping a person calm when drinking the tea. This acid also helps an individual to feel the energy increase caused by the caffeine without feeling jittery.

2.) Boost the Metabolism

Matcha is different than other teas in a number of ways. For one, green tea is often steeped in hot water by placing tea leaves into a bag or similar device and removing the leaves before drinking. Matcha is brewed in a slightly different manner. The tea leaves are ground to a fine powder, which is then mixed into the hot water during preparation. The powdery state of the tea allows all of the nutrients found in the tea to dissolve into the water for ingestion.

Matcha leaves are said to contain high levels of polyphenols. These compounds have been known to assist the body with its metabolic activities. A cup of this tea each morning might provide you with the thermogenic boost you need to feel more active and healthy. A faster metabolism aids in keeping your fat levels low, which can do wonders for those looking to trim down.

3.) Blood Pressure

As you get older, it is important to focus a lot of your attention on your heart. Cardiovascular disease is a cause for worry, as studies show heart-related illness to be the leading reason for death around the world. One way to keep your heart happy is by looking at your blood pressure. Ingesting too much caffeine can cause your blood pressure to spike, even if you are a person who does not normally have higher levels of blood pressure. This is especially true of the caffeine found in drinks like coffee and espresso.

Though there is caffeine found in matcha tea, there are other active ingredients that work in your favor and keep your pressure from going up. Matcha is said to contain several different catechins, which aid the body in blood flow. The catechins keep the blood moving safely through your veins and vessels and prevents your blood pressure from getting too high.

4.) Slow Aging Process

There have been a ton of conflicting studies released over the years in regards to coffee and the aging process. For many decades, people claimed that coffee increased the aging process of the skin. Recently, the opposite has been stated to be true, with experts claiming that coffee keeps you young. In truth, the impact of caffeine on the aging process is still something of a mystery. Matcha, on the other hand, might be able to help you in this regard.

Matcha tea is shown to contain several different antioxidants. While these compounds are amazing for boosting your immune system and overall sense of wellness, antioxidants have also been shown to have a positive impact on the aging process. The antioxidants found in this tea promote healthier skin and hair, creating a look that masks the ravages of time on your face.

5.) Fresh and Clean

Finally, those who drink coffee probably know all about how bad the drink can make their breaths. Even vigorously brushing your teeth after each cup is not always enough to hide the acrid scent on your tongue. Though some teas can make a person’s breath worse, matcha is not one of them. The elixir contains many sterilizing agents that are responsible for eliminating germs and bacteria. After drinking some of this tea, your mouth will be cleansed of any foul-smelling gunk lingering about.

Though coffee might be the more popular choice for consumers looking to stay active, it is good to think about the alternatives. Explore the other benefits of matcha tea and find the right drink for your lifestyle.


Article written by Joe Palinsky

Joe Palinsky is a full-time writer and theater professional in Philadelphia. He predominantly works with ensemble-based Found Theater Company, where his writing has been featured in numerous productions. Though primarily a ghostwriter, his work has been published in the now-defunct Spirit News and as a guest on Found Theater’s blog.

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