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Go Red…Rooibos, the New Cup of Tea

Filed Under: Teas at 1:03 pm | By: Brandi Spade, Senior Editor
rooibos.jpgBlack, Green, White…and now Red?  Tea takes on another new look, and leaves me more confused then ever over what to put in my cup.  Unlike a majority of Americans, my body doesn’t tolerate the caffeine overload of coffee, so if you’re in the minority, along with me, I’ve got some beautiful news for you!  You really can’t go wrong with tea.  Green tea has always been my favorite choice, high in antioxidants and low in caffeine.  Black and white teas contain higher levels of caffeine, but also hold many health benefits.  But red tea, also known as rooibos, has since appeared on the market, sporting its caffeine free, sweet, fruity flavor for all to know and love.  Realizing that it is an herbal tea rather than a typical leaf tea may deter you, but its health benefits surely won’t.  This red beauty is thought to aid in relieving insomnia, irritability, hypertension, and nervous tension while also providing numerous other health benefits.  So next time you’re shopping for a relaxing liquid tonic, whether in the store or online, I recommend picking up a box of this delicious red tea.  Try it out for yourself.

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