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Herb of the Week: Dandelion

Filed Under: Herbs,Teas at 9:30 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
DandelionDandelion is an herbal plant with long, pointed shaped leaves commonly used for salads and teas. The origin of its name came from French, dent-de-lion, meaning “Lion’s tooth” because of its coarsely-toothed leaves, looking very much like an old lance.

Dandelion is a rich source of vitamins and minerals and supplements are available in tablets and liquid form. The leaves have high levels of iron and calcium, superior levels than spinach for example. Substantial levels of vitamin A and vitamin C can also be found on Dandelion leaves.

The herb has been traditionally used to stimulate overall digestion, but it can be recommended for a few different reasons. Dandelion also strengthens the gallbladder and liver, and it can also be used as a mild laxative as well. In addition, people with liver problems due to overuse of alcohol and poor diet can use Dandelion to increase the bile flow, reducing inflammation and getting rid of gallstones.

Some people use dandelion for cooking and even making wine! You may sauté dandelion flowers with onions and garlic. Its bright yellow color may add some interesting look to your dishes.

Dandelion grows in the wild practically everywhere in the world. It is easily found in gardens and health food stores.

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