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Hot Tea or Hot Cocoa?

Filed Under: Teas at 3:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Cold weather calls for hot beverages. Every year we switch from cold refreshing beverages to hot warming choices such as hot tea and hot chocolate.

Everyone has a favorite hot beverage, particularly for the winter. Some people don’t drink tea unless it’s cold outside. Some other people switch from smoothies and fresh juices to hot cocoa during the winter months.

Coffee, hot tea and hot chocolate are the most popular hot beverages in the winter.

However, cappuccino, lattes, mochas and new options such as chai, soy latte, and mochaccino have made the selection even more interesting.

Whichever your choice may be, it’s time to warm your insides and Lucky Vitamin has the perfect selection of top quality hot beverages for you. Choose from a complete selection of natural herbal teas from several premium brands, available in both, tea bags or loose tea.

Tea is considered healthier than coffee and most teas offer additional health benefits. Teas can be used to build up the immune system, to support the digestive system, and to detox the body.  Other teas can help with weight loss and some teas have been used as laxative for many years.

Most herbal teas are caffeine free but if the reason you drink tea is to keep you awake, look for a green or black tea, generally caffeinated products. Some teas may promote relaxation and could be drunk at night if you are having problems falling asleep.

If you don’t like tea, no problem. Lucky offers a sensational line of hot cocoa products. You can find hot cocoa in all forms and types, regular, organic, unsweetened, raw form and much more.

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