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It’s Tea Time

Filed Under: Teas at 5:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak

Winter is always the perfect time of the year for hot beverages. The season is winding down but you still have plenty of time to enjoy a delicious cup of hot tea.

Lucky Vitamin is happy to inform our customers that our selection of teas has just gotten larger and better. The large expansion of the department couldn’t come at a better time as tea lovers can enjoy all the new options as well as some of the old favorites.

We have recently added hundreds of new premium herbal tea products made with the best ingredients to sooth the pallet and warm the body. And it gets even better. Save an additional 5% on all teas, just use the promotion code 5OFFTEAS at checkout.

Explore our expanded flavorful variety of name brand herbal teas ranging from subtle, sophisticated to rich and indulgent. Choose from a unique selection of natural herbal teas from dozens of premium brands, available in both, tea bags or loose tea. You can shop for black teas, green teas, chai, teas for detox or diet, holiday teas, laxative teas, mate and much more, as well as a variety of tea accessories including infusers, and tea pots.

Tea is considered healthier than coffee and most teas offer additional health benefits. Teas can help to build up the immune system, support the digestive system, help with weight loss and some teas can detox the body. Most herbal teas are caffeine free and some types may promote relaxation and can be drunk at night if you are having problems falling asleep. However, if you want to drink tea to stay awake, look for green or black teas, generally caffeinated products.

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