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Lipton’s Sustainable Tea Pact for 2015

Filed Under: Teas at 1:43 pm | By: Brandi Spade, Senior Editor
tea.jpgFrom generation to generation, tea lovers are sure to recognize the name brand of Lipton Tea, manufactured by Unilever. Though many consumers may pass by the Lipton in favor of a more environmentally friendly, organic tea, the future may hold a different story. Recent plans were announced by Unilever to promote their own green business practices include purchasing tea grown only by sustainable practices. Under the Unilever Sustainable Agriculture Initiative, the company hopes to have all tea used in Lipton teabags certified by the Rainforest Alliance by 2015. The first certified tea will be purchased from Kericho, Kenya. Rainforest Alliance certification specifies that the individual farm follows sustainable practices, not any particular company. Visit Rainforest Alliance to find out more about certification, and see more about the Unilever values at the company website.

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  1. michiel says:

    Hi, I work for Lipton and wanted to thank you for mentioning this. I just wanted to point out that those looking for more information about this initiative can find it at Some fequently asked questions are answered there as well.

    thanks for letting me chime in,


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