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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Celebration Herbals

Filed Under: Herbs,Teas at 8:30 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
CHAttention tea lovers! Lucky Vitamin is proud to introduce another premium brand of organic teas for our customers: Celebration Herbals.

Celebration Herbals offers an extensive line of organic herbal teas with unique formulas and made only with the best ingredients. You can choose from the traditional Chinese green tea to the exotic yerba mate with mint, and much more. The company is fully committed to make the difference, creating great quality herbal products that can be effective, great tasting, organic, and are an inexpensive alternative to prescription drugs.

Celebration Herbals’ first product was “C” Blend Tea, followed by a few Psyllium Fiber products, and then an extensive line of herbal teas. The company continues to develop new products and, in the past two years, has also created a very extensive line of bottled herbs and spices. Organic is a passion for Celebration Herbals. Organic produce is better tasting, more nutritious, more environmentally friendly, and has a noticeable absence of health depleting chemicals.

Today, Celebration Herbals offers every type of tea you can possibly imagine. Aside from the endless selection of herbal teas, the company has a wide variety of black teas, chai, green teas, ginger, white teas, as well as specialty teas for detox and laxative teas. You can also find a great selection of caffeine-free teas with some healthy ingredients such as elderberry, cranberry, fenugreek, papaya just to mention a few. Click here to check Celebration Herbals teas available at

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