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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Two Leaves Tea Company

Filed Under: Teas at 11:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
two leavesLucky Vitamin is proud to introduce another brand of premium teas to our customers: Two Leaves Tea Company.

Two Leaves Tea Company brings the experience of the gardens in China, Sri Lanka and Japan to consumers in North America. From providing tea that tastes as if it’s been plucked and steeped directly from the gardens, to education to help customers discover new teas and appreciate them for everything they have to offer, Two Leaves offers a full experience, every step of the way, of how deeply and passionately this company is about your cup of tea.

Two Leaves Tea Company was one of the pioneers of the pyramid shaped tea sachet that allows tea drinkers to experience whole leaf tea in the comfort of their own home. The sachet gives the whole tea leaves the ability to expand, yielding a rich, flavorful cup of tea that can’t be paralleled.

Formerly known as Two Leaves And A Bud Tea Company, this unique brand was founded in 2005 to provide the most amazingly flavorful cups of tea. Today, Two Leaves Tea Company has established relationships with tea growers in order to bring premium, whole-leaf tea from the best harvests to tea drinkers around the world. Two Leaves Tea Company has been recognized with awards such as the Best New Tea award for 2005-2006 from the Specialty Coffee Association of the United States, and the People’s Choice Award at the Great Canadian Tea Steep Off in 2006.

The company is fully committed to organic tea supporting small farmers and working tirelessly to provide great organic products out of certified gardens, which are constantly growing new organic tea bushes. Additionally, Two Leaves Tea Company is also one of the founding members of the TRUST Organic Small Farmers Initiative, and a Fair Trade certified company.

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