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Yogi Peppermint Tea

Filed Under: Teas at 4:36 pm | By: Brandi Spade, Senior Editor
peppermint-tea.jpgAre you one of those people that find a favorite product and sticks with it?  Well, so am I.  Trying new, sometimes eclectic products is intriguing, but once I find something I love it’s very hard for me to shake it.  Yogi Peppermint tea is definitely something you will always find in my cabinet.  My love affair with Yogi starts with that little slip of white paper that is attached to the brewing bags string.  It’s like a fortune cookie and nearly every morning I anticipate what daily inspiration will be provided to me.  Each cup of tea seems to be personalized just for you and your day.  Beyond loving that little note, you just can’t beat the soothing affects of peppermint tea.  It helps me start my day in a calming way, and I often love to soothe my daily worries at the end of the day as well.  The label hints that peppermint helps to ease minor stomach discomfort, relieve heartburn, stimulate appetite, ease travel and morning sickness, and soothe common PMS symptoms.  Even without any of these benefits, the calm and relaxing quality and soothing scent are enough to win me over, but PMS relief is definitely an added bonus.  You may think that this sounds like a dainty, womanly tea, but I assure you that if you enjoy peppermint you will be in love no matter what your gender.

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