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Inositol Prevents Lung Cancer

Filed Under: Vitamins and Minerals at 9:54 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Lung cancerInositol is a natural supplement sold in health food stores but most people are not familiar with this product. Inositol is part of the vitamin B-complex and is required for proper formation of cell membranes.

Inositol supplements are produced from a plant extract and may promote brain wellness, alleviate depression and anxiety, prevent hardening of arteries, and remove fat from the liver. It also promotes healthy hair and skin. Doctors sometimes suggest 500 mg twice per day for depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

A recent study by the American Association for the Advancement of Science has discovered additional health benefits of inositol and many people, particularly smokers, are now trying to find more information about it.

The research seems to identify a pattern of genes disrupted by the toxins in cigarette smoke that identifies smokers who are at risk. It finds that in six out of 10 people, inositol seems to turn off the abnormal genes and return precancerous cells to normal.

Smokers may significantly benefit from this discovery as cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, accounted for 7.4 million deaths, and lung cancer leads the overall cancer mortality.

Inositol is a carbohydrate and is almost tasteless, with a small amount of sweetness. Food sources of inositol include nuts, cereals with high bran content, beans, and fruit, especially cantaloupe melons and oranges. Most dietary inositol is in the form of phytate. Inositol was classified as a member of the vitamin B complex but because it is produced by the human body from glucose, it is not an essential nutrient.

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  4. Brad Bryant says:

    I’ve been taking the Jarrows pharmacutical grade for 5 weeks now.Ive noticed several things that have occured.My hair is shinier and silkier.
    my fatigue at the end of the day has gone away.I drive for a living and it really helps. I’ve noticed a big change in my skin. pre cancerous growths from sun damage are starting to disappear.My skin is smother, Feels like i’ve applied lotion but have nothing on.I sleep much better without tossing and turning through the night.I’m loosing excess fat,I used to have mood swings when I didn’t agree with my wife,I am more relaxed and mentally a calmer person.

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  9. Dave Backer says:

    I am 56 male. I take 650mg of Inositol/day and have noticed that my eyes have improved. I had a yellow haze in my right eye for 8 years (like air polution haze over a city.) Doctors stated I may have the start of a catoract. I took the Inositol for a week and didn’t like the feeling from it but had read good things about it and started to take it again a week later. I had a feeling at my forehead from my eye to the temple – like a headache but different after taking it in the PM. The next day I went out to get the news paper in the AM and found that the sky was the deepest blue and everything was sharp and clear. The yellow haze is gone. I notice that when I take it my eye sight improves – things get sharper. When I drive for long periods my eyes get tired – I find that taking Inositol helps clear my vision.
    Read up on Insoitol – the lense of the eye and lungs have the highest concentration of Inositol in the body.

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