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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Ddrops

Filed Under: Vitamins and Minerals at 4:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
Lucky Vitamin is proud to present Ddrops products to our customers.

Ddrops is a Canadian company founded in response to a need for a simply better way to provide the one vitamin that is most often deficient in North Americans: vitamin D.
The company’s research and development is geared toward developing and marketing safe, effective, convenient and economical forms of vitamin D supplements for your entire family under the D-drops brand.

Ddrops is 100% Canadian owned and operated, and the company was founded to spread a little sunshine vitamin one drop at a time. With very high standards for all products, Ddrops has received Natural Health Product Numbers (NPNs) from Health Canada, and follows the good manufacturing standards set by Health Canada. The company also takes steps beyond these high standards to ensure that all products are pure, consistent and safe.

Vitamin D, originally called antinachite A (a fat-soluble accessory food factor A), is truly a vitamin. Vitamins are organic micronutrients whose lack in the diet may cause disease. Vitamin D is converted to an active form within the body, specifically the liver and kidneys. When skin is exposed to sunlight, specifically UVB radiation, vitamin D3 is made within the body.

Today, concerns over risk of skin cancer with direct sun exposure suggest it should be managed or avoided and many recommend that vitamin D be obtained with intake of vitamin D through diet and supplements.

Lucky Vitamin is now offering Ddrops vitamin D products at our discounted prices.

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