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Mineral of the Week: Selenium

Filed Under: Vitamins and Minerals at 9:43 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Brazil nutsSelenium is an essential trace mineral which functions as cofactor for reduction of antioxidant enzymes. Selenium is known for reducing the risk of serious health concerns such as colon cancer, diabetes, asthma, prostate cancer and lung cancer.

Most people do not take enough selenium from their diet but deficiencies are rare. Depleted levels of selenium have been reported to increase the risk of heart disease and certain types of rheumatoid arthritis.

Selenium also enhances the antioxidant effects of vitamin E and is often found in supplements for heart support.

High levels of selenium are found in several foods. Brazil nuts, cereals, eggs, meat, tuna fish, crab and lobster are all great sources of this mineral.

Nutritionally, Brazil nuts are the richest source of selenium, containing as much as 1180% of the recommended daily average. The nuts contain 18% protein, 13% carbohydrates and 69% fat. An interesting thing about Brazil nuts: the nut is so oily that can be lit like a candle and it will burn for a few seconds. You may carefully try this experiment.

Now back to selenium. Several studies have suggested a link between cancer and selenium deficiency, taking mineral supplements showed some impressive results against some types of cancer, more specifically prostate, colon and lung.

Selenium has been proven to help chemotherapy treatment by enhancing the efficacy of the treatment, reducing the toxicity of chemotherapeutic drugs, and preventing the body’s resistance to the drugs. Finally, selenium is also known to increase cell growth and enhance detoxification in the human system.

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    Most multi vitamins have selenium and minerals too

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    A most informative guide on lung cancer, thank you, it has provided me with some comfort

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