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Move Over Underdog, Supercarrot Is Here!

Filed Under: Vitamins and Minerals at 8:38 am | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
UnderdogIt’s a constant source of concern. You feel distressingly deficient, lacking in one of your body’s most vital nutrients. You try to eat more dairy, but you can only consume so much milk, cheese and yogurt. And your kids are no better. They too fail to ingest an adequate amount of calcium. As a result, you are all at risk for bone disease, be it osteoporosis, rickets or brittle bones. What should you do? Is there anything that you can do, anything that can save you from your deficiency? Or are you doomed to a life of calcium-despondency?

Well, you may have been, but now – now, Supercarrot is here! Or it will be once scientists finish testing this calcium-pumped vegetable for safety and efficacy. Supercarrot is a genetically engineered carrot, designed to provide up to 41 percent more calcium than the plain, old orange root we’re used to. Including it in your balanced diet (with several additional sources of calcium) will help you reach your daily requirements. Scientists believe that this could be the next step towards nutritional completeness, so much so that they are also altering potatoes and broccoli to make them all the more nutritious. And they may be right; after all, Americans are notoriously well known for their love of fruits and vegetables . . .

Oh no, that’s right. We’re known for our shunning of fruits and vegetables. If there is one thing we get less of than calcium, it is produce. So how could a genetically engineered carrot provide a viable solution to the nation’s calcium deficiency? 

If you truly want to ingest an ample amount of calcium without overdosing on the dairy, look for alternatives. Try normal vegetables such as kale, okra, spinach and broccoli, or different types of seafood including sardines, clams, rainbow trout and blue crab. Soy and tofu are also excellent options. And if you can’t handle the thought of eating any of these foods, try a supplement. It’s more plausible that you’ll pop a tasteless tablet each morning than it is that you’ll happily consume Supercarrot, even if he did come with a cape.

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