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Need more energy?

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Energy drinksOnce upon a time, a cup of coffee was enough energy boost one needed for a long working day.
Times have changed. Crazy schedules, long working hours, traffic jams, are just part of the long list of problems we face on an everyday basis. A lot of Americans wish the days were longer, as they never have enough time and energy to do it all. We cannot increase time but we can have more energy for our daily tasks.

Energy drinks are one of the biggest emerging markets due to our hectic lifestyle. Green teas, guarana, ginseng, yerba mate are the most common ingredients used in energy drinks. Companies are adding them all in one product. Even sodas now are adding more caffeine to their original formulas to keep you awake longer. But if that’s still not helping, you may want to consider taking an energy booster supplement.

Nutritional supplements can offer you the same herbal energy boosters in a much stronger dose. They also have a few other ingredients, such as rhodiola, eleuthero, bee pollen and propolis, rarely found in conventional drinks.
In addition, most energy supplements provide a decent amount of vitamin B, very important to control your body’s energy levels. Some products have a perfect combination of a B-Complex and an herbal blend, helping you target two different areas at one tablet only.

If that’s still not enough reasons to switch from a drink to a supplement, here’s the best of all: sugar.

The majority of energy drinks have lots of sugar in their formulas. Sipping it all day can definitely help you getting through your long busy day but it will increase your sugar levels on a long run. In other words, you may gain weight on your daily battle to stay awake because you’re significantly increasing your sugar intake without knowing it.
Energy booster supplements are healthy and can be taken on a regular basis. They provide vitamins and minerals you may be lacking, and can help you to be more alert and productive at work and at your spare time.

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