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Nutrition for Two, Please

Filed Under: Vitamins and Minerals at 10:30 am | By: Veronica Brite, Editor
prenatal foodTaking care of oneself when you are pregnant is very important. The responsibility lies greatly on the expectant mother – something that can be overwhelming at times, moving her to think that she is not a good mother and that she cannot do it. This is a normal emotion to experience, and friends and family should always be there for the pregnant woman to support her in her needs and to check with how she’s coping.

Apart from the emotional and social support, the physiological health of the woman is the topmost priority. The expecting mom now eats, breathes, rests and exists for another human being other than herself – a fact that is both daunting and joyful at times. Because of this, she should make sure that all of the food and beverages she is taking in are safe and healthy. A balanced diet from all food groups must be included in her daily meal plan in order to progress through the pregnancy with the ideal weight gain. Food choices can be advised by her OB-GYN.

In addition to this, the adequate amount of minerals and vitamins should be ensured, not only for the mother’s health, but also for the baby’s normal growth and development inside the womb. Most OB-GYN’s prescribe some supplements during pregnancy and sometimes a few weeks after delivery to prepare the woman for changes that will be occurring in her body. An example is taking iron supplements to prepare for the anticipated blood loss to take place during delivery. Another is taking folic acid supplements to help with the brain’s (and the rest of the nervous system’s) development for the baby during intrauterine life. Learn more about proper nutrition and getting enough vitamins during pregnancy in Beth Morrisey’s article.

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