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Vitamin B12 Promotes Healthy Babies

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Eggs are a good source of vitamin B12A recent study has showed another important reason to maintain high levels of vitamin B-12.

Pregnant women who don’t get enough vitamin B-12 may have a greater risk of delivering a baby with birth defect, according to the study published in the March issue of Pediatrics.

The lack of vitamin B-12 in the human system may cause several health issues, including anemia, stress and depression.

Women should be extra careful as they may face a different problem particularly if they plan to have babies.

In the study of nearly 1,200 women, the results showed that women with the lowest B-12 levels were five times as likely to have a baby with a neural tube defect compared with mothers with the highest levels.

People should be able to get enough vitamin B-12 from their diet. Rich sources of B-12 include many animal foods, such as meat, cheese, eggs, fish and milk.

However, vegetarians could be lacking this important vitamin because vegan sources do not provide sufficient quantities of B-12. Vegans could become deficient after many years of low intake of B-12.

In addition, women with intestinal problems may also struggle to absorb nutrients and could have vitamin deficiency.

The solution may be pretty simple: take a vitamin B12 supplement, B-Complex or a multi-vitamin. Most products supply significant amounts of vitamin B-12 and can boost your energy levels as well.

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    People who are health conscious can enjoy B12 benefits by using them as a food supplement and can maintain their health for long time. These supplements can be taken from the foods, pills or in the form of injections. Vitamin B12 along with other family members of B vitamins can helps to ensure the vital life of the human body. It is very good for healthy and active nervous system and is the best for the growth of DNA cells. It helps to form new red blood cells in the body. Another benefit is to maintain and retain the energy level of the body

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