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Vitamin E Supplements May Help Obesity-Related Liver Disease

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Vitamin E

Good news for vitamin E! Two new studies show that vitamin E supplementation may alleviate obesity-related liver disease and boost heart health in former smokers. The two new studies were presented at the Experimental Biology 2013 meeting in Boston.

Vitamin E proved beneficial to obesity-related liver disease, according to a Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and Cornell University study.  In the animal trial, scientists studied the relationship between vitamin E and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), finding increased oxidative stress, fat and liver industry in mice unable to regulate vitamin E levels. “Supplementation with vitamin E averted the majority of NASH-related symptoms in these animals, confirming the relationship between vitamin E deficiency and liver disease,” said study author Danny Manor. This is the second recent study to validate vitamin E’s liver benefits as the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition recently published the results of a study from the University of Tokyo, in which researchers showed d-mixed tocotrienol and alpha-tocopherol supplementation improved liver health and NASH in rats.

In another study, Ohio State University researchers found that subjects who quit smoking improved blood vessel function after taking gamma-tocopherol. For the trial, smokers’ vascular function improved 2.8 percent after not smoking for seven days; those who took vitamin E experienced an additional 1.5-percent improvement. According to prior research, every 1-percent increase in vascular function equates to a 13-percent decrease in heart disease risk.

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