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Vitamin of the Week: Biotin – Vitamin B7

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YeastDon’t you look for supplements which may provide you more than one benefit? Wouldn’t be great to treat two problems with just one tablet? Well, it’s very possible, but we are not aware of it most of the time.

Biotin, or vitamin B7, is a water-soluble B-complex vitamin very important for the human body. Biotin (also known as Vitamin H) promotes cell grown and helps with the metabolism, breaking down carbohydrates, proteins and fatty acids, maintaining steady blood sugar levels. Biotin is also a very reliable energy booster, minimizing stress and fatigue.

However, people normally take biotin for different reasons. The most common recommendation of this form of vitamin B is for strengthening hair, skin and nails. Let’s say you are searching for a product to improve your hair and, at the same time, could use a little lift of vitality: Biotin is the answer.

Natural hair loss products normally have a good amount of Biotin, in combination with an herbal blend to assure better results. The same type of formula is used for nail and skin supplements, as well as cosmetic products, such as shampoos and conditioners.

Where can you find biotin? Natural sources of biotin includes yeast, milk, chicken breasts, salmon, liver, egg (egg yolk), and some vegetables, such as cauliflower and spinach.
Most multi-vitamins have biotin in their formulas, and the majority of B-Complex supplements will have a reasonable amount of biotin, (100-150 mcg) approximately 33%-50% of your daily needs.

You may accomplish a much healthier lifestyle if you are able to discover the benefits of all vitamin B forms, including Biotin.

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