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Vitamin of the Week: Ester-C

Filed Under: Vitamins and Minerals at 9:53 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
OrangeMany people wish they could carry a “quick guide” when going to a store or online to shop for vitamins and supplements.

There are so many choices for everything, and also so many names that most people are not familiar with. For example, when shopping for vitamin C, several customers often wonder what Ester-C is.

That’s when you wish you could find the answers for all the following questions in one single place. What is Ester-C? Is it better than Vitamin C? Does it really have better absorption? Do I really need to take it? How does it work in the human system?

Ester-C is a unique form of buffered Vitamin C with metabolites.

Metabolites are compounds derived from nutrients that are normally created in the body. These metabolites activate the vitamin C molecules making it easier for the body to transport them from cell to cell for several health benefits.

The main benefit of taking Ester-C is its quick absorption and the 24-hour retention in the immune system.

Many people do not tolerate vitamin C due to the acidity. Ester-C, however, is a combination of non-acidic vitamin C in conjunction with metabolites to increase the levels of retention of vitamin C by the blood cells and tissues.

As a result, people struggling taking regular vitamin C can tolerate a pH neutral product such as Ester-C.

Some products may also add a blend of bioflavonoid, acerola, rose hips and rutin for a superior product.

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