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Vitamin of the Week: Mini Tablets

Filed Under: Vitamins and Minerals at 9:57 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Mini tabletsTablets are the most common way of taking supplements. Most people take their vitamins and minerals everyday and do not have any problem swallowing tablets and, sometimes, capsules.

Some products are also available in alternative forms such as liquid, softgels, or powder, but the majority of products are made in tablets.

Multi vitamins are the most traditional supplements since it combines all the important vitamins and essential minerals. Some people, however, have a difficult time ingesting tablets through the throat because of the huge size of the tabs.

Companies generally make large tablets trying to add as many ingredients as possible to one single tablet. Most multi vitamins add antioxidants, amino acids, herbs and natural extracts to their formula, creating a very complete product. That’s a great idea because customers get more nutrition out of one single tablet. The problem is the size of this table because most people normally find it very difficult to swallow.

So, supplement manufactures have found the solution for this problem: mini tablets.

Mini tabs provide a very complete product in a much small size and easy to swallow product. The only downside is the higher number of tablets needed for a single dosage. But it’s still a much safer and practical product than huge tablets, which sometimes need to be crushed or split in order to get them down to the stomach.

If you are struggling with big size tablets, give the mini guys a shot and enjoy the same benefits from a much smaller supplement.

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