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Vitamin of the Week: Senior Multi Vitamins

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Elderly peopleMulti vitamins are not all the same. Some people say they all have the same vitamins and minerals. That’s true.

But everyone is different and need a different type of multi vitamin, different amounts of certain vitamins, as well as other ingredients.

An overall good multi is normally designed for middle age adults eating fairly well and without any major health problems. If you are anything different, then, you should look for a different product.

Senior multi vitamins have been one of the top seller supplements across the nation. The reason for such a success is very obvious. The absorbtion of vitamins and minerals from food sources decrease as we age. Therefore, elderly people need to add supplements in order to get enough vitamins and prevent health issues.

Companies are creating very complete products for senior citizens, offering enough calcium and magnesium, vitamin C and D and several antioxidants from herbal sources.

How do you know if you need all of this extra stuff? Well, a complete multi vitamin will never hurt you. The addition of antioxidants will always provide benefits to you.

For example, men may look for a senior with ingredients to fight prostate or joints. Women may find a multi supporting menopause or sugar levels.

Take your time to search for a complete multi vitamin. You might be able to find a product which is perfect for you, supplying all your specific needs and preventing potential complications.

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  1. denise says:

    I see you are speaking of multi-vitamins. I was wondering about the multi-vitamin with minerals. Are they different? and which would be the better vitamins to take? I see both on the site but I don’t want to order the wrong item

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