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We Need More Vitamin D

Filed Under: Vitamins and Minerals at 1:36 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
A herring school.A recent study has proved what most people already know: Americans lack vitamin D, falling short of the daily average recommended by Doctors.

People are aware of the importance of vitamin D but surprisingly do not get enough D from food sources or supplements.

Chronic pain is linked to low vitamin D levels, as well as cancer, heart disease and infections. Nevertheless, the average U.S. blood levels of the “sunshine” vitamin have decreased according to the survey by the National Health and Nutrition Examination published in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

Vitamin D production is directly affected by sun exposure because the skin has a natural ability to produce this vitamin. So, how can we increase vitamin D daily intake as well as natural production?

Let’s start with your diet. You should eat products fortified with vitamin D, such as milk, cereals and yogurt. In addition, eating fish, such as herring, cod and catfish, may increase your vitamin D intake.

Herring is a delicious fish option to be added to your diet. There are numerous ways the fish is served: raw, often used for sushi, or pickled and served with classic herring flavorings such as mustard, onion and garlic. Herring is also canned and can be served with dark rye bread or potatoes.

In fact, eating more fish is always a good idea because you can increase the amount of omega-3 fatty acids, providing several health benefits. If you don’t really like to eat fish, get outdoors.

Spending more time outdoors is a natural way of increasing this vitamin levels because vitamin D is produced in skin exposed to sunlight.

Summer is around the corner. It’s the perfect time to catch up on your vitamin D.

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