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Pure Drinking Water…Bottle Not Required

Filed Under: Water Purification and Storage at 10:32 am | By: Brandi Spade, Senior Editor

Pollutants are an inescapable fact of life.  Rectifying the environmental hazards that abundant industry and overpopulation have created on public drinking water is a growing concern that many people cannot afford to ignore.  The elderly and the very young are susceptible to a growing number of health concerns that can all arise from merely drinking a glass of unfiltered tap water. 

And the bottled water industry is booming.  Many people have changed their lifestyles to include an awareness of the toxins that are present in their daily environment.  Organic is a way of life, and with a growing awareness of the foods that are being consumed comes a growing awareness of the water that sustains us.  Yet the bottled water industry may be leading many consumers down the path of the overpriced and the overrated. 

Bottled water is regulated by the FDA and is only obligated to meet the standard requirements for safe drinking water that the EPA has set for public use.  In short, be careful what you’re paying for.  To save cost, invest in a home filtration system.  The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) regulates what industrial waste and other contaminants can be present in water and at what levels it can be present for safe, human consumption.  To be sure of what is in your drinking water, and what you can feasibly filter out, be an informed consumer and have your tap water tested for impurities. 

Once you are aware of what is in your water, look into what filters best meet your needs.  Low cost carbon filters are easily available and remove a majority of organic compounds found in drinking water, while also leaving behind healthful minerals.  However, these filters need to be replaced in a timely manner to insure the effectiveness of the filter and to avoid any bacterial growth that may occur over time.  Filters can last several months, but follow the instructions of the manufacturer to guarantee optimum effectiveness of your filter. 

Filters can be found in several forms, the most popular of which are pitcher filters or those that can be easily attached directly to a standard faucet.  However, if your household uses a large quantity of water, or there are extensive amounts of contaminants, you may want to consider an under sink or whole house filter.  A whole house filter begins at the point of entrance and continues to filter at every water source in the house.  These systems are generally reverse osmosis systems rather than a simple carbon filter.  Reverse osmosis systems help to eliminate possible chemical contaminants such as pesticides and heavy metals such as lead. 

The official Drinking Water Week for 2007 has passed us by, but safe drinking water is important year round.  So celebrate safe drinking water by having your water tested and investing in a filtration system to suit your needs. knows that being lucky is a learned behavior.  Make a wise investment in your health and your pocketbook.  Pepsi and Coke are making a killing off of selling water that can easily be available in your own home.  And if you insist on buying bottled, remember, plastic is non-biodegradable.  Please recycle.

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  1. Leonidas says:

    Here here!
    And don’t forget to filter your shower water, too! Don’t absorb those contaminents through your skin or lungs (inhaling steam) either!
    I use a New Wave Enviro Products Premium Shower Filter.

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