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Tap Is the New Bottled

Filed Under: Environment,Water Purification and Storage at 2:39 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
WaterFace it. Bottled water is so last year. It just isn’t cool to walk around with a disposable bottle anymore. Everyday the bottled water resistance builds, and the love for tap follows suit. More and more people are saving their money and turning on the faucet when they’re thirsty. And many of them prefer the taste. In a recent taste test, Time Out magazine served Londoners seven types of water, six bottled and one tap. The winner: tap water from the Thames and River Lea. Even better, most of the reviewers felt that the bottled water tasted like tap. What does that tell you? Do we suffer from the Starbucks phenomena where it must taste better simply because it costs more, but when blindfolded there’s not a shred of difference? I’d say so.

But what about all those disgusting “things” in tap water? Well, if you’re a loyal reader, as I’m sure you are, you’ll remember back in June when the Lucky Blog talked about FDA and EPA water regulations (if your memory is faulty, click here and read up). Bottled water companies are not held to the same standards as public water facilities. And, some bottled water (America’s most popular included) is actually tap in a to-go container. Not exactly what you thought you were paying for is it? If you still need a little more convincing, consider this: work is constantly being done to further clean the water coming into our homes. Dendritic Nanotechnologies Inc. recently received the go ahead from the United States Department of Defense to use its technologies to purify water. It will initially target perchlorate, a contaminant found to impede women’s health. It will also rid the water of several metals including copper, lead and chromium. Of course, they did just get started, so some patience is needed. Meanwhile, water filters are always great options for your home. Still holding out?

Are you screaming at the computer screen about the convenience of water bottles? I won’t deny that you’re right, partially. It is extremely convenient to have a bottle of water at your side ready for drinking whenever you are. After all, you can’t exactly run around with a glass. Think of the spills, the sloshing. However, there are alternatives. They come in the form of reusable water bottles. Fill one up before you leave the house, wash it when you get home and then use it again the next day. It’s the same convenience with less harm to the environment and your wallet. Plus, reusable water bottles open up a whole host of options. You can buy them in a variety of sizes and colors. A bright blue, 32 ouncer sits on my desk every day. A purple one follows my sister, and a smaller hot pink bottle proudly resides in my best friend’s work bag. When you’re pitting boring, old, environmentally-unfriendly bottles against fun, eco-friendly ones, there’s no contest. So for the love of the environment, embrace your tap and drink happy.

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