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Water: Save, Save, Save

Filed Under: Water Purification and Storage at 3:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
One of the best ways to “save” is to invest in “water” for many reasons. A system for water purification as well as water storage (bottles and pitchers) can help you and your family to save in many different ways.

First, you can save the planet. Millions of empty bottles of water end up in landfills every year. When you buy a reusable water bottle, you can help minimize the number of discarded plastic containers piling up in landfills and rivers. You can buy a top-quality water bottle that will last months, possibly years, and will no longer waste a single disposable plastic bottle.

Second, you can save money. Many people often spend more money than they should in bottled water. The human body needs water for all important functions including digestion, nutrient distribution, energy production and most importantly detoxification. You can’t and should not stop drinking water but you can definitely save money buying a water bottle and refilling with filtered water. You can find several top quality reusable bottles for less than $5.

In addition, water filtration is a priceless investment in your family and it pays for itself in a matter of weeks. Most work places offer filtered water as well as other places such as schools, fitness centers, and gyms. If you still don’t have filtered water at home, an entire water purification system won’t cost you more than $100.

Finally, you can save your health. The majority of bottled water brands do not disclose complete information regarding source, purification, testing and advanced treatment. A significant number of brands use municipal water in the production of their products. So, depending on your location, drinking bottled water can be harmful to your health.

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