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Baring Your Breasts

Filed Under: Women's Health at 8:57 am | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
CameraUploading images onto the internet doesn’t always prove fruitful. Compromising pictures on sites such as facebook and MySpace can keep you from employment or furthering your education should your superiors stumble upon your profile. But you and everyone else in the younger generation can’t seem to stop. The close of every celebration sees a fresh wave of images that reveal all to the members of cyberspace. Many are appalled by this and have devoted much time and energy to breaking the habit. But others are taking advantage of the upload-addiction. They are using it for the betterment of the general public, for the health of the women in your generation via the Booby Wall.

Created by Rethink, a charity devoted to furthering breast cancer awareness in women under 40, the Booby Wall is a site where women are encouraged to upload images of their breasts.  It’s hoped that this will catch the attention of women everywhere and encourage them to become more familiar and comfortable with their breasts. Hundreds have already posted, including several breast cancer survivors, and the numbers continue to grow. Anyone regardless of age, size and shape can add to the wall, even you. 

Now, if you are a somewhat uncomfortable photographing and sharing your breasts with the online world, first know that the site is one hundred percent confidential, anonymous and secure. Second, be aware that you don’t have to post a picture to learn from this site. Just going to it helps, because there you will find information on how to familiarize yourself with your chest. You can show it a little TLC, touching, looking and checking to make sure there are no abnormalities or changes.  Breast cancer is the leading cause of death in women between 15 and 40. Do something, whether it involves the Booby Wall or not, to make yourself more aware and safer.

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