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Bedroom Shoes?

Filed Under: Exercise and Fitness,Women's Health at 4:33 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
High HeelsOnce again your man’s ability to read is giving him ideas that are not only interfering with your life but causing you physical pain and potential deformity. Suddenly, he wants you to wear high heels all the time, because they improve your sex life. The way they force you to stand puts your pelvic muscles in the optimum position, maximizing both strength and the ability to contract. This, in turn, betters your sexual performance and satisfaction. How wonderful is that? And look! He stopped on the way home and bought you a new pair of heels, because he noticed that your collection was lacking. Sweet, huh?

Well, it would be (who doesn’t love new shoes!) if you weren’t painfully aware of just what those stilettos would do to you. High heels, thanks to their narrow, pointed toes and tendency to fit a little too snugly, cause a myriad of foot problems, starting with bunions. The painful swelling erupts at the base of your big toe, and you are left hobbling and staring at an unappealing deformity.  And even if you don’t get bunions, you’re bound to get something, such as calluses, corns, ingrown toenails or pinched nerves. Your foot will become a twisted mass that could kill anyone’s mood, even your over-eager boyfriend’s.

But how do you refuse the shoes or at least manage not to wear them as often as he would like without squashing his joy?

Why not offer him a few alternatives for bettering bedroom activity? Show that while you aren’t willing to suffer for sex you are willing to do something. Start by creating a meal that is both delicious and arousing. Men’s Health, an ever-avid source of sex tips, has several suggestions regarding which dishes from smoothies to dinners will give you the best results. Once you finishing eating, Women’s Health has a few ideas on which products will suit your specific situation.4 And of course, there are the always reliable and oh-so-traditional methods of bettering sex via music, candles and massage oil. Heels all day, every day are not the only way to have great sex. You know that; now, enlighten your well-intentioned guy. 

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