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Every Woman’s Struggle . . . for Muscle

Filed Under: Women's Health at 4:46 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Strength TrainingBlame it on Eve and the apple; blame it on a naturally gender-biased world; blame it on whatever you like; just don’t try to deny that men have it easier than women, because they do. At least when it comes to retaining muscle mass, they do.

A study of 29 healthy men and women found that men were more able to build muscle mass after age 65 than women. The researchers examined how much muscle mass was amassed after resistance training exercises and discovered that the ladies in the group accumulated much, much less. It seems that the men were more able to store and use protein, making muscle formation considerably less difficult, while women, yet again hindered by menopause and a depletion of estrogen, struggled.

Therefore, ladies, it is vital that as we age we continue to consume an adequate amount of protein (a quantity that grows with our years). We must make eggs, fish, chicken, lean red meats and similar protein-rich foods a dominant part of our diets. We must also continue to strength train. If we don’t have the muscle our bodies need, we won’t be able to protect ourselves from the dangers of a fall or immobility. We will be at a disadvantage. We will face a more difficult future, not just in comparison to men but to women as well.

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