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Ladies: Raise the Bar(s)

Filed Under: Women's Health at 10:51 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Nutritional BarWe know dieting is difficult.

We also know it’s a lot more difficult for women to lose weight than it is for men to drop a few extra pounds, and that’s unfair.

Don’t you hate when your boyfriend or husband has the same diet and exercise program and he drops more weight than you do? Yes, the frustration is understandable.

Men are larger and have more muscle than women but the difference is not the only reason men lose weight easier than women.

Food is always a key factor in any diet. Women tend to crave more than man do and, unless your cravings are healthy snacks, normally gain more weight from eating chocolate, sweets and candy.

Nutritional bars maybe the solution for the endless problem of craving. Most bars have the perfect nutrients for a healthy snack.

Many people feel hungry in between meals. The mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack can be the key for the success of your diet.

Keep in mind the importance of snacks. A good healthy and filling snack may prevent overeating and, therefore, gaining weight. Don’t forget the essential factor in any diet: drink a lot of water.

Sugar and carbohydrates are always the biggest enemies. Nutritional bars are generally low in both sugar and carbs, and high in protein, vitamins and minerals.

Special nutritional bars for women are a great idea since men and women are so different. Women’s nutritional bars provide more specific ingredients than a general bar and could be the difference for a healthy diet and a successful weight loss program.

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  1. alice says:

    I lost 13 lbs in only two weeks by obeying this one easy rule

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