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Safely Silicone?

Filed Under: Women's Health at 9:22 am | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Bra AdjustmentThey say that a man only needs a handful, but that doesn’t keep millions of women from wishing they had a little more. Breast implants are the third most popular type of cosmetic surgery, boosting more than a quarter million cup-sizes every year. They are performed to enhance appearance, compensate for a defect, adjust for a size reduction and hide the results of a mastectomy. Whether or not a woman should get them is a personal decision. However, once again, that doesn’t keep millions of women from casting judgment. Protestors (often those who are already well-endowed) haughtily inform the less-chesty that breast implants will inflict upon them a larger chest, yes, but also cancer and a hoard of other diseases. Yet oddly enough, they’re wrong.

A review of more than a dozen studies led researchers to announce that silicone breast implants were, for the most part, safe.  The evidence consistently pointed to no increase in the development of cancer. The risk of connective tissue disorders, neurological impairments and other serious chronic illnesses wasn’t heightened either. Therefore, scientists concluded, you shouldn’t allow fear of a life-ending disease to keep you from getting a breast implant. However, a few other things could stop you instead.

First, breast implants generally aren’t covered by insurance.  You’ll be shelling out a lot of money for a procedure that very likely won’t be your last. Most women have to have them removed and/or replaced at some point. Moreover, follow-up surgeries are not uncommon. Defects occur; tissue hardens. Invasive procedures are the only way to rectify both. And if your new breast ruptures, the contents of your artificial chest will leak into your body. The longer that goes unnoticed the more chemicals you have in your bloodstream and the more likely it is that one of those new, identical breasts will deflate. And then, there is the life-ending concern. I know; I just told you that the risk for such diseases didn’t increase. But, I left one thing out. While there was no consistent correlation between implants and cancer, there was one between implants and another deathly health issue: suicide.  �

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