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Seeing Red and Loving It

Filed Under: Women's Health at 8:58 am | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Red DressWhat’s the one article of clothing every woman’s wardrobe needs? Until now, it’s been the little black dress. That one piece of clothing can make a man’s jaw drop, alternately denote respectability and pair with almost anything. For years, it has been the essential item – the one thing no female should go without, but that’s about to change. We are experiencing a color revolution. Rather than wearing black, we are donning red, strutting our stuff and raising awareness, all in the name of The Heart Truth.

What’s The Heart Truth? Well, there are two answers:

A national awareness campaign hoping to educate women on their personal risk of heart disease

Heart disease is the number one killer of women in the United States.

Technically, the second is the first’s primary message, but both are still considered The Heart Truth and both are true. Heart disease kills more women every year than all cancers combined. And despite being considered a man’s condition, it has claimed more female victims than men annually since 1991. However, the majority of women remain unaware, if not of the national risk, at least of their personal one. In an effort to change this, The Heart Truth began its annual month of awareness on February 1, with a fashion show featuring some of America’s most notable women (Laura Bush, Heidi Klum, Liza Minelli, Allison Janney and more) and 15 one-of-a-kind red dresses. The red dress is the symbol of the campaign, meant to grab women’s attention and inspire them to action.

So become inspired. Talk to your doctor, determine your risk and start lowering it immediately. Whether you are 15, 45 or 75, you could develop heart disease. If you already have it, you are in danger of fatal complications, complications that you can work to prevent. Eat well, exercise regularly and make intelligent lifestyle choices. Then, spread the word. Alert your family and friends to the truth about cardiovascular disease, and don’t limit yourself to the women.

This is the month of the little red dress, but it is also American Heart Month and has been since 1963. Use February to raise awareness and keep the hearts you love beating long after 2008’s 29 days of red have passed.

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