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World Breastfeeding Week: Aug. 1st-7th

Filed Under: Baby and Child Health,Women's Health at 9:57 am | By: Jacob Grail, Contributing Editor
World Breastfeeding WeekThey say that initiation of breastfeeding within the 1st hour of birth is the first and most vital step towards reducing infant and under-five mortality. Today marks the start of World Breast Feed Week, running August 1st-7th and celebrated in over 120 countries. The World Alliance for Breastfeeding (the same group that broke the Guinness World Record on Simultaneous Breastfeeding in a Single Site when they gathered 3,541 mothers in the City of Manila) has launched their Save ONE Million Babies campaign in an effort to reduce infant mortality through the benefits of breastfeeding in honor of the week.

There are many reasons to breastfeed your new born; nutrition, immune support, and disease prevention to name a few. Breastfeeding has also been found to be beneficial to the health of the mother. A study following rural Chinese mothers found that those who breastfed for two years or longer reduced their risk of breast cancer by 50 percent. Additional benefits for mothers include a reduced risk of ovarian cancer as well as an earlier return to pre-pregnancy weight.

To even further aid in the beneficial practices of breastfeeding consider supplementing with some products from the Motherlove Herbal Company. In 1990 Motherlove Herbal Company introduced the first herbal personal care and supplement line specifically designed for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Since its conception, Motherlove has led the trend in holistic body care. Dedicated to consistent quality they craft only the finest, pure products using certified organic herbs and luxurious oils for breastfeeding mothers. One of the many health ailments to breastfeeding mothers is their inability to product an adequate amount or a low supply of milk. There are many reasons why this can happen. Learn more after the jump!

These include poor nutrition, stress, the baby’s inability to latch on properly or suck hard enough to stimulate milk production, and the comfort level the mother has with nursing. Most women can produce more breast milk by properly addressing these issues. Motherlove’s flagship product More Milk is an extremely effective formula for lactation production support and has been found to increase the natural milk production to insure that your baby is getting an adequate supply of breast milk.

If you know any expecting mothers out there, help spread the awareness! The WAFB’s campaign may only be one week long, but the benefits for expecting mothers are year round.

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  1. RaeRae says:

    They’ll come up with a week for ANYTHING! Not that this isnt a great cause… but what are they going to do when they run out of weeks (whoever they, the master of ’cause-awareness’ week assignment is)? I’d be really sad if I was a cause and had to share my week with another not-so-great cause, just becasue there weren’t enough weeks to go around! Sheesh!

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